Friday, December 21, 2012


It's been a while.

The last few weeks I've been exhausted, overwhelmed, borderline depressed...which is disappointing considering the effort I've been putting into being happier, stronger and more positive.

But on the other hand, that happiness effort definitely helped me to deal with myself and to stop this downward spiral that I was experiencing.

Depleted, drained, exhausted, empty are words that describe how I've been feeling within. This also means that I've been vulnerable, sensitive, reactive, irritated and impatient.

At a certain point I realized that I would not only be doing myself a favor, but everyone around me as well, if I took some time where I made it my priority to take care of myself.

I went back to my journal and wrote a lot, I looked for things to be thankful for in my life, work, relationships, etc. I sought inspiration in some of the happiness and self-help books I've been reading the last few months. I've been trying to get more sleep, to take vitamins every day, to eat healthier, to meditate, to do a few minutes of yoga every morning and to exercise 3 times a week. I've taken some time to relax, just be and read.

Gradually I feel like I am getting myself together...

I'm more hopeful, and more positive at the moment. It's not a happy post, but I wanted to share this, because I think it is common and in some sense normal to get hit by minor depressions. And I think it is important to remind myself and others, that it's okay to be selfish once in a while...and that sometimes the most important thing you do is to refuel and take care of yourself.