Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekly Commitment 2: drink more water

My first weekly commitment was to eat mindfully. It was more difficult than I expected. The first couple of days I forgot about it quite a few times, but even when I remembered it was not easy. Just eating felt inefficient and unproductive. I felt líke I should be checking my email, reading a newspaper, or even watching the tv.

But it got easier, and eating more mindfully helped me to eat healthier as I became more aware of how the food actually tastes and makes me feel. I realized that some of the things that I grab as treats, actually make me feel bloated and bad.

This week it is simple: drink more water. I constantly forget to drink water. Most of the liquid I consume during the day is coffee. Sometimes tea. I rarely drink juices or sodas. According to health experts it is very important for your body to get enough fluids to work optimally, and even slight dehydration can apparently drain your energy and make you feel tired.

From what I read 6-8 glasses is approximately the amount of water one should drink during the day. I'll start by drinking at least one big glass of water each time I sit down to eat something, that should be about 5 big glasses per day...and is definitely considerably more than I am currently drinking.


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