Friday, October 4, 2013

A year without lattes - October

3 months and my debt is now 8,926 usd.

I have continued to bring lunch to work, and I have completely skipped the lattes. But I still find it difficult to say NO to social events, so again I went out to dinner couple of times. This month I didn't buy any books or any clothes but I did buy couple of gifts for friends' birthdays.

According to the app on my phone "Debt Strategy," my expected debt free date has moved forward to April 2016;) Some days I can really be furious with myself for getting into this mess. But what's done is done. And it is time to move forward and learn from my mistakes.


  1. You'll get through it quicker than you think, Di! Good Luck!
    PS. Wondering if you'd ever like to do a "Guest Post" on my blog? Maybe when I am writing about a subject that interests you? I'd certainly be willing to return the favor as well (if you are even interested!) Let me know fellow bloggess! : )

    1. Hey Rosi. Thanks for the encouragement:) I think that writing guest posts on each others blog is a great idea:) Let me know when - and whether you have any specific topic in mind!