Thursday, May 10, 2012


My #3 resolution which should help me become a more positive, happy person is to blog 3-4 times per week! I am sure there is no research showing that blogging has a positive effect on people's happiness:) but I thought blogging might be helpful for 2 reasons:

A. It helps me organize my thoughts and keep track of my progress

B. Hopefully it connects me with like minded people

I've been trying to track down happiness blogs, and this is my tentative list:


  1. Good luck on your Happiness Project! I started my Happiness Project about 3 weeks ago and decided to create a blog to keep track of my progress too. I find it really useful to organize my thoughts and I love connecting with other people who have similar interests.

  2. Thank you Emily:) I was very happy to find people who are starting their own happiness projects. It is very inspiring to see what other people are doing to work on their happiness. And it was great to see your personal resolution chart. Good luck with your project!