Thursday, June 7, 2012


Laughing makes you happy - being happy makes you laugh. Laughter boosts our immune system, relieves tension and stress and even prevents heart diseases. It's difficult, if not impossible, to fake real laughter. I would love to laugh more, although I am not sure how to accomplish that. I tried googling "how to laugh more", and although I found doing that hilarious in and on itself, it didn't proof particularly useful. I guess I can't expect google to solve all of my problems;) So I've been thinking about what really makes me laugh:

  • My kids (of course): children have such a natural, contagious laughter.
  • My aunts: my mother and her three sisters all have a talent for telling stories. They are also very good at laughing:) When they all come together, everyone around them also ends up with tears of laughter. I feel so privileged to have these women in my life.
  • Damn you autocorrect
  • Modern Family
  • Arrested Development

    Any ideas how to make that list longer?
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